You Must Care

You must care!

What you care about is up to you. But make no mistake, you must find something to care for.

You have a magnificent, incredibly resilient human heart. And that heart can only stay resilient if it is given a reason to remain open, living and healthy.

When you choke off the desire and caring that you have for life and all that comes with it, you literally choke off the life-force that gives you health and the benefits that go with it.

Caring for people, things and causes in the world builds on a foundation of caring for yourself. However you get there, whatever brings you a sense of belonging, whoever lifts your heart in song, this is what you care for. Caring takes love. Caring takes forgiveness. And caring takes a willingness to heal your heart and give it the food it needs to live!

And it all starts with one thing. Find that thing for you must care for it.

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