What Others Say…

Here’s what some of Kaarin’s clients have said about working with her:


Susan from Texas

Thank you so much for the Healing Session you did with me. I felt such a shift in my willingness to let go and receive from God during and after the session.

Carmen from California

Kaarin – You are a marvel – You are transformational!

Lori from Utah

My husband spontaneously embraced me today and told me how for the last [few] months he has been so especially happy and he realized that I “have really changed…more fun to be around”… my husband has never been that specific or expressive. He expresses his love for me, but never with appreciation for who I am. That was the unusual out of the box response. You have been so, so helpful and I am thankful we met.

Kat from California

Thank you for your work. I am unstuck!!! It is a new world.

Gina from California

I find Kaarin to be an astute, discerning intuitive and energy worker; an insightful, perceptive spiritual guide; and a remarkable life coach. Her keen insight, intuitive awareness and loving presence are constant… and extraordinary.

I have been dealing with quite a number of physical ailments due to injuries I sustained from a traumatic hiking accident. Kaarin energetically looked at my body from head to toe calming the overall disarray while promoting healing to the ailing body parts that were calling out for assistance. I was taken aback several times when she correctly pinpointed certain painful body parts that I hadn’t even spoken of.

Although my current life situation has been pretty serious and Kaarin treats it as such, she has a charming ability to make me laugh. She is a caring adviser providing support as I grow and become more in tune with my true self. She has been gently nudging me to “give credence” to my emerging spiritual self teaching me how to honor and absorb the messages I receive from the Universe. While nudging me gently, she continuously brings me joy.

When I am dealing with an issue that is concerning me, Kaarin offers a broader perspective allowing me to see it more clearly and open myself to other possibilities.

Kaarin wakes me to a dimension of myself that I’ve longed to be in touch with. She is a catalyst encouraging my soul to blossom. For the remaining hours of my day after a session with Kaarin, the world glistens and there is a palpable vibrancy in the air surrounding me.

Recently, she beautifully and concisely summarized our previous sessions showing me how much we had accomplished and commending me on the strides I had taken in moving forward. Kaarin is a blessed, giving, delightful spirit that has opened my mind, heart and soul. I am so grateful to have found such a gem.

Don from California

Kaarin Alisa’s seminar is more than an intuition workshop. It’s the opportunity to wake up on a deeper, simpler, clearer level and attain the mental and spiritual coherence to move mountains.

Brenda from California

Kaarin, thank you so much. This information gave me a new perspective on my life.

Ling from Canada

I had the good fortune to work with Kaarin. She is a dream come true.

Barbara from Oregon

My reading was amazing. I can’t believe how spot-on it was!

Leslie from New Mexico

I am astounded by the accuracy of the information. Kaarin is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to see positive changes.

Wayne from California

Kaarin’s tools are very easy to understand and use. And she seems to just ‘get it’ that regular people only have so much time each day to devote to self-improvement. What she teaches is easy to implement. My life has changed for the better as a result.

Beverly from California

I wanted to thank you again for the extremely prophetic reading. Your suggestions changed the course of my life.

Suzanne from Michigan

It’s a big change. There’s just a kind of peace now and it’s okay to be me. I’m just fine with who I am.

Larry from Arizona

If you are thinking about taking this class [Power of Loving Yourself] and haven’t made up your mind, I urge you to decide to take it. This class works. It works at some rather deep and subtlety profound level. The response I’ve had to this class blows me away

Maria from Greece

This class seemed so short I can’t believe still how amazing of a progress I made. All my life I had been curious about what is out there. Suddenly the veil has been lifted and what I now see amazes me, what I understand is a gift. I am not sure how it worked. it did not happen at the level of the

mind though.Thank you Kaarin.

Kelly from California

At first I was dubious about working with Kaarin. Now that I have, I kick myself for waiting so long.

Becky from Nevada

Kaarin has the uncanny ability to pull the needle from the haystack of my life. My reading was extremely prophetic and helped me sort through the confusion.

Sarah from New Zealand

I have been in recovery from overeating for a little over 12 months and during that time I have developed a concept of a higher power (God) that I can turn over my will and my life to. It has had wonderful results and brought me astounding peace.

I embraced the intuition course as a way of connecting myself to my intuition as I did not feel fully convinced about the concept of a higher power that was “out there”. I worried that it too, like some humans I have relied on, might leave me one day. I embraced the intuition concept as a “back up plan”.

In my black and white fashion, I concluded that I was run by either intuition (inside me) or by God (outside me) and I was surprised to hear God’s name mentioned in the course. However when I let my intuition run, I suddenly saw that God and intuition are the same thing or parts of the same whole. I learned that God is “inside” of me, and intuition can be sought “outside” of me as well. It was a wonderful revelation.

I am a beginner on the spiritual journey and taking baby steps. However there are times when the light really switches on and during this course a light really came on. What I do with it is up to me, but I can’t think of a nicer medium to have learned this concept “God is Intuition, Intuition is God” than in this course.