What Do You Hold Dear?

Your perception is always filtered through the experiences you hold as dear.

What experiences do you hold dear?  Those that make you feel fearful?  Those that bring you pain?  Or, those that take your breath away through the beauty or joy you gain from them?

Spend a day looking at the experiences you have that seem heightened in your mind.  Which of your experiences are you still holding in your mind as you lay your head down at night?  What is held highest in your thoughts, is dearest in your experience, and is therefore coloring and bending the perceptions that you have.

If you are not happy with what you find you hold dear, know you are not the first to feel this way.  And just like others, you have the power to make a change.

Spend more time heightening in your mind at every opportunity the experiences you choose to extend. And as you do so, your perceptions will alter, until what you come to perceive is colored with the things you wish to make dear, instead of what you have allowed to be made dear by default.

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