We Await You

Your calling is your calling – YOUR calling.

It is the what of your why.  It is the heart-song of your unique concert.

It is not universal, though it may have universal consequences – or – the output of your calling may ring true to the many.  But the calling is unique.   [continued below picture]

In the fractal of this world, and as a human, your calling is an integral part of the whole of our healing.  Regardless, however, of it’s integral nature, it may not be understood or uplifted by anyone else.  It is your unique understanding of the nature of your calling that works to propel you toward its furtherance.

Any thought of need for another to approve of the path you are here to walk, is your own fear blocking the clarity of your call.

So let go of the need for approval and get on with walking to the song of your own heart.  Your calling is awaiting you.  And the rest of us are awaiting your fractalized completion of our collective healing.

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