“I think, therefore I am.” Descartes made a big splash in the philosophical world with that statement. However, consider that this is only the manifestation of your physical self and that thinking is a physical tool that your spiritual self can use.

That’s right, thinking is a tool. The brain is as a machine.   [continued below picture]

Consider any other machine in our life, for example, your automobile. It runs well on good gas and a pan of fresh oil. But if you put other things in the gas tank or oil pan, things not expressly made for the clean running of the auto, you will find your machine breaking down rather quickly.

The same is true about your thinking machine. If you want to think clearly, you have to feed your brain with thoughts that produce clear thinking. Unfortunately, many people feed their brains with thoughts that are closer to rubbish than gourmet delicacies.

This week work on clearing out of your mind thoughts that produce sluggish thinking. This would include thoughts of pain, resentment, anger, greed, selfishness, aggrandizement, hate, prejudice, self-effacement, or judgment of any kind.

Listen to your thoughts, each time one of these clogging thoughts comes through, dismiss it. Tell your brain to discard thoughts of that nature. It may be so that your next door neighbor has a dog that barks too much, but each time you let yourself think about how angry the dog makes you feel, your brain clogs up. To help yourself discard thoughts of this nature, be in gratitude and replace the thought with how fortunate you are. In this example, you could be grateful that your ears work well enough to hear that dog bark!

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