Shortest Distance

We tend to believe that the shortest distance to a place – be it a location in space, or the solution to a quandary – is the fastest to travel. This is especially true if, when we look down our path, we see the glorious end point of our desire looming fully colored in our vision.

What we can miss, sometimes, is the mirage of the straight line. Straight lines do not exist in the natural world. Even laser beams can be bent by the forces of electricity and magnetism toward and around where they flow.

When we start down a path toward a visioned end that seems joyously beckoning right in front of us, the universe has a tendency to interpolate our steps. Like fallen logs upon our path, providence adds diversions and energies that veer us this way or that, until we may find at some unexpected bend that our visioned end point seems to all but disappear!

So walk your road with your vision in place held firmly in your heart, but don’t fuss if it’s not readily viewable on the horizon: in other words, don’t concern yourself with whether or not you can see HOW you will reach that vision. Just hold the vision and walk where your feet lead.

Because what seems like the longest road as you travel, may indeed be the shortest distance to the goal!

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