Relative Calm

Calm in the outside world is relative.

In some parts of the world today, calm may be that an earthquake’s after-shocks are further apart and no new big temblors are experienced.

In another part of the world, calm may be that the artillery fire of troops-of-war may be in the distance, rather than at the door.

In another part of the world, calm may be experienced by the first budding of trees into spring’s new life.

It’s all relative outside.

But what about inside? The calm we can experience inside can be maintained regardless of the order of calm that may or may not surround us. Calm inside means we are larger than circumstances, that the state of the world cannot take away our own power to choose.

When we are calm inside, we are able to see creative solutions, we handle uncertainty with grace, and we hold other people with love in our hearts. We are free to display generosity and kindness, because these acts don’t threaten our ability to survive whatever we are facing.

And when we are not calm inside, there is always a road that leads back to calm. Calm is our natural state. it is where the body-mind-spirit meet and bring us to our inner home. We may have little power to create calm in our environment, but we always have power to create a calm interior.

It’s your choice. And truth is, if you make the effort to create this inner state of calm when it’s not imperative, it will be easier to achieve and maintain when it is imperative.

May calm be with you.

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