Pure Light of Creation – You

Look at your hands. Go ahead, hold them out in front of you, and take a good long, look at them. These hands do a lot. Think about what these hands do for you during the course of a day. The value of these hands in your life is immense.

Now picture the most precious thing you do with these hands. Do they cradle your child? Do they caress your spouse? Do they brush the hair of your aging mother? Picture your hands doing that very precious chore for you, whatever it is. And feel the power, the love, that emanates from those hands as they perform this precious chore for you. Imagine your hands doing that cherished act right here, right now.

Now take one of these hands and hold it up to your cheek. Gently rub your cheek. Imagine that cheek is your child’s cheek, your spouse’s shoulder, or your mother’s forehead. Let yourself melt into that hand for a moment. Feel the love that is in that hand. Absorb that love, as you would want any cherished being in your life to absorb it. Lean your head into your hand as your loved one would lean into it. Feel the love that is pulsing out of that hand. That love is immense.

That love is you. What you just felt from your own hand is a hint of your own power of self, trying to bring itself to bear.

Did that feeling just now from your own hand make you feel good, if even for moment? Did it give you a glimpse of calm, a fragment of soothing acceptance? Did it? Does that surprise you?

It shouldn’t.

And if you really grasped the truth of who you are, the immensity of the love you are at your core, a manifestation of the pure light of creation, you would wonder instead why your reaction to your hand’s touch was not bigger!

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