Prosperity Bunny

I had an interesting experience yesterday while I was driving in my car.

Rolling down the road, I could see the expanse of our bountiful Mother Earth spread before me. Horizon to horizon was a carpet of green trees. Majestic mountains stood as the backdrop. The crisp blue waters of a powerful river flowed next to me and I could not help but breathe in the beauty and joy that exists in our good green earth.

Before me lay a representation of the prosperity I’m calling to my being. The abundance of life was right here, not far away, but right here, right now. I began to think, what more do I have to be, or do, or find to accept it? To take it in as the glorious gift that it is intended to be?

I realized this bounty, these gifts came in that moment because they were just waiting for me to open my mind to perceive them – to see, hear and feel their presence. They were waiting for me to open my heart and receive them. They were not far away, not in the future, not even paid forward from the past. They were just right here, right now.

It’s something I do every day, ask to be open to receive.

And as I contemplated these thoughts – thoughts of change, thoughts of acceptance, thoughts or shifting to accept more of the gifts that come my way – I saw the flow moving in stronger and stronger and of course, some flowed back out. Flowed out as gifts to others in my community, as being of service, as creating around me the space for others to be authentic and to accept the bounty intended for them as well.

It was expansive, but it also felt a little serious, as if it was profound thought. And for me the profundity felt serious.

As soon as I realized that I was feeling serious, as if these thoughts of flow and acceptance and generosity had some sort of weight to them – a weight that had to be carried, held up, efforted – the most incredible thing happened. From a side street, pulling out into the lane right behind my vehicle, was a man on a mini-bike dressed in a pick bunny costume. A grown man on a mini-bike in a pink bunny costume, large pink ears bobbing in the wind!

I began to laugh and it was the glorious punch-line of all the thought I’d had so far on my drive. These thoughts of abundance and service are not profound, they are light. The giving and receiving has no weight, it is effortless. Accepting the gifts, receiving the bounty, and sending it back out as gift and service to others is weightless when it’s done with a joy-filled mind and a happy, compassionate heart.

All that is before us is ready to be accepted, so laugh! Be the light spirit and happy soul that sees the humor and the joy in the love all around us. Be the wonderful stuff of joy and gifts will flow without weight, without effort, but with the light intention of abundance, our Creator wants us to experience.

And if you ever forget that one simple thing – I wish for you a man in a pick bunny costume who will ride at your back and make you laugh with the joy that is inherent in your heart just waiting for you!

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