Prophecy is Probability

The future is not written in stone. It is being created as we speak. Nothing that is going to happen is without affect, right here and right now. In other words, knowledge can give you the ability to change the future, or help guide you toward an experience you prefer.

So what is the reason you would want to even look at the future if it’s not created yet and certainly malleable? If it can’t be predicted beyond a shadow of a doubt, what would be the use?

Well, there is a lot of use actually to looking at the future, but its best done not by looking at the future directly, but by assessing the energy of a situation as it is right now. How is it brewing? What circumstances are leading us or the situation toward an inevitable conclusion? If we can know these things, possible paths to change and influence might become illuminated.

For example, say you want to know if you are going to get a job. If in looking at that question from the perspective of the energies creating it, you might gain the understanding that the person who interviewed you was stuck between deciding on you or another person. You might learn that the deciding vote would be cast on the person who could demonstrate a particular skill. You might then conclude to send an email to that person and happen to mention that you spent 2 years working at another establishment that gave you that skill. In knowing that the outcome was dependent upon a particular piece of knowledge you were empowered to actively influence the situation in a way that could sway the outcome in your favor.

You may have already been feeling the need to check in with that person, but without the added knowledge of what the person was debating about, your email might have had no sway whatsoever. By looking at the future event through the filter of what energies are currently in play and actively creating that future event, you are receiving practical, usable information where you are empowered to actively create your experience.

I know through years of experience, that there are few times when future predictions are absolute. More often than not, situations are open to influence.

Just the act of looking at a future event can energize change in the outcome that was observed.

So when you are gaining information from your intuitive senses that seem to be pointing to a future event, always ask why. Why am I being given this information? What can be influenced here? Just like any other information, there are only two reasons why you would even bother to know anything about the future, either you have something you can do to influence the outcome, or you need to change your course or the course of the one you’re reading for.

This week, take one situation you want to have an influence upon and look at it through the lens of probability; discern what energy is working to influence that situation right now and become empowered to make a change if appropriate.

So to recap, future events are always future probabilities. You can assess the probabilities, examine the possible influences, and set a course of action based upon that knowledge. If you look at prediction in this way, it will always serve you.

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