We’ve all heard the tale of the tortoise and the hare. Of course the tortoise wins the race because he is able to persevere.

Moving toward a higher state of consciousness is a daily undertaking. It is something that becomes more and more fun and liberating as you move forward along your path.   [continued below picture]

In the beginning, however, it can seem very difficult, and the path seems fraught with traps that lead you back to mental and emotional states all too familiar. This is how the journey goes. The sooner you accept a mindset of perseverance, the sooner these mental jaunts into the past will seem like small pebbles on the road to be noticed and then left behind.

A true sense of commitment to your growth is all that is needed to welcome perseverance into your life. It’s not about will-power or any other power for that matter; it is merely about knowing you are on the path to enlightenment and nothing is going to stop you.

This week spend 5 minutes each day confirming your commitment to spiritual growth. Remind yourself of what you have to gain:

  1. More consciousness
  2. Better command of the law of attraction
  3. Being able to maintain a centered state
  4. Having an all-encompassing sense of balance
  5. More love, grace, and joy

Be like the tortoise and make your commitment to your own higher consciousness now.

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