This morning I received a wonderful note from a reader wherein the question was put to me, where did I learn meditation and what are the initial steps to meditation? I wrote a blog over a year ago called ‘Meditating‘ but it seemed like a subject worth touching on again.

Below is the answer I sent this reader:

As far as meditation, I first learned to ‘meditate’ from my Grandmother. She had a very simple method for meditating. Since then, I have trained in a few different, more traditional meditation methods. However, I have never found anything more helpful, or more transformative than the simple method my Grandmother taught me.  It’s described at the bottom of the article at this page:

After all these years and using several methods, I’ve found that meditation is not about ‘doing.’  It’s about ‘allowing.’ It’s about becoming aware of what is happening in you and opening a place inside where the divine can fill you.

The divine energy need not be from a god or other higher power, though it can be if that is your personal belief.  But it can be merely the calling in of the vital life force energy that exists throughout all the universe.  That which gives you life, can transform your life. It’s about welcoming the divine into your life and allowing ‘it’ to be a transformative agent. Some call the vital life force Chi, some call it Prana. What you call it doesn’t matter, only that you do call it in!

The meditation method described in the blog is a method that anyone can use, no matter the religious belief, or spiritual leaning, if any.

I believe we exist in a place that is separate from the daily thoughts we all have crowding our minds. Let the thoughts become separate from you. Let you exist separate from your thoughts.  Your thoughts don’t have to stop, just let the thoughts go by without engaging in them.  Then ask the divine to come in and fill you.

I wish you peace.