Letting Go of Fear

Do not let your fear or anxiety masquerade as your intuition. To keep this from happening it is best to manage your fear or anxiety first. I tell my students to adopt some practice such as meditation to create a state of being that can discern and neutralize fear and anxiety. [continued below picture]

There are many forms of meditation; everything from moving meditations like running, yoga, dancing, and tai chi, to contemplative meditations such as found in many spiritual traditions on earth. What is common about all meditation I have ever practiced is that at some point in the mediation, the ego is released and we begin to experience ourselves and our realities from a non-judgmental state. Perhaps we go so far as to find the truth of our existence and our connection with creation.

Once you let go of fear, you can discern your intuitive voice more clearly and begin to align with it’s clarion call from your spiritual self.

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