Jefferson once wrote that all people have the right to pursue happiness. True happiness is a state of being that most of us wish to attain. Joy is an emotion, and while it feels that it stems from happiness, it can also be a stepping stone to that sometimes elusive state.

Like any other emotion, joy is stimulated by the actions we take or the actions we perceive others take. Many people do not feel joy regularly. However, there are simple methods for bringing joy into your life. Many of the topics I discuss in this tip series, when applied, bring immediate joy, such as: meditating, giving, receiving, loving, forgiving, laughing, and being grateful.

This week select a means of generating joy and be with that topic again, or for the first time if you are just joining these discussions. If you are not sure of which topic to choose, then choose gratitude. It is one of the easiest and brings so much more than joy that it is a gift to yourself in abundance.

So if this be your selection, then be in gratitude this week. Each day wake up and begin the process of falling in love with your life, one piece of it at a time. Be grateful for the roof over your head, your job, your food, or your friends – whatever you find, but be grateful in abundance and feel the joy fill your heart to overflowing!

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