How to use Fluorite

Fluorite is most well known for the ability to absorb and neutralize negative and de-ionized energy. It can be used to transmute negative emotions and calm the mental and emotional bodies.

Fluorite grows in every color of the rainbow and many samples are striped with multiple colors. The different colors can target a particular energy center by using a stone that is the same color as the chakra you wish to work with. For example, the green fluorite works so well on the heart energy center as that energy center is primarily green in nature.

Striped stones can be used to bridge the energy centers that are represented. For example, I often use a fluorite stone that is striped with purple, white and green. It helps create a bridge between my crown, third eye and heart. It’s very powerfully transforming.

You can use a fluorite stone to enhance your life in many ways. Such as:

  • Hold it in your left hand during meditation to lighten your mood and enhance your personal feeling of peace.
  • If you are an empath, hold the stone in your left hand to help de-emphasize the emotions of others in your personal space. The purple variety is particularly good for this.
  • Hold the stone and ask it to come into your life and help you with any situation you need help with at that moment. Recognize that you can’t do it all yourself and then choosing to ask for help is a powerful step toward change.
  • Carry it in your pocket or purse to help maintain a positive and calm attitude throughout your day.
  • Place it in any room to help ionize the air, and cleanse negative feelings left over from difficult interactions.
  • Hold the stone in your right hand to help concentrate calming energy to people around you. This is especially helpful if you are helping another person work through a difficult situation.
  • Hold the stone over your heart to calm relationship challenges and bring yourself back into balance.
  • Use the stone in any other way it invites you to use it.


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