How to Use Clear Quartz

The Clear Quartz stone is powerfully linked to the seventh chakra – the gateway to the divine energies in your life.  Regular use of this stone will help align all the chakras and balance your entire system, although it will have its most profound effect in your connection to your divine creator and all energies aligned to your personal consciousness and highest good.

If you are going to use only one stone, this is the stone to use, since it is able to cleanse and balance every chakra.

You can use the Clear Quartz stone to enhance your life in many ways. You can:

  • Hold it in your left hand during meditation to enhance the energy of the meditation.
  • Hold the stone and ask it to come into your life and help you with any situation you need help with at that moment.  Recognize that you can’t do it all yourself and then choosing to ask for help is a powerful step toward change.
  • Carry it in your pocket or purse to help keep you aligned throughout your day.
  • Place it near you on your desk to help keep you balanced while working on the computer (it has a moderate EMF protection effect.)
  • Close your eyes and visualize the quartz growing big and encompassing your entire being.  While you are sitting inside the stone, amplify your manifestations and desires by seeing them come true and holding those visions in joy and gratitude.
  • At any time if you need an answer to a question, get quiet and ask the stone the question.  Allow the answer to come to you.  This is a powerful way to exercise your intuitive and channeling capabilities.
  • Place it on your bed stand at night to help amplify your dreams and promote sounder sleep.
  • Use the stone in any other way it invites you to use it.

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