How to Use Citrine

The Citrine stone is powerfully connected to your first, second, and third chakras. That means it is best used to help you with power and security issues. Use the Citrine to help you stay rooted to the earth, calm fears, and remain centered in your personal power.  I personally use citrine to calm and balance my energetic field.

You can use your Citrine in these ways:

  • Lie down and place the stone over your third chakra (just a few inches above your navel.) Visualize its energy penetrating deep into your tissues and cleansing your power center, enabling a cleaner, fresher perspective on the world.
  • Carry the stone with you in the world to help you remain grounded and calm as you deal with life’s challenges and uncertainties.
  • If you become off-centered or angry, hold the Citrine in your left hand and blow the anger or other emotions into the stone. Let the stone carry the emotions away and ground them into the earth to be transformed.
  • Call upon the energies connected to the stone to help you attain your goals, short term or long term. Something as simple as finding a parking place, or something as all encompassing as finding a new job.
  • Enhance your meditation by holding it in your left hand either by itself or with the other Energy Stones.
  • Place it on your bed stand at night to help amplify your dreams and promote sounder sleep.
  • Use the stone in any other way it invites you to use it.



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