Holding Regret

I often hear people lament on how they wish one thing they had done, or had been done to them, had happened differently, or had not happened at all.

If left unchecked, this line of thinking can only lead to one thing – regret. Holding onto regret only serves to perpetuate a state of judgment and fear. [continued below picture]

So what is the alternative?  We have spoken before about forgiveness.  We have spoken about letting go of fear and judgment and replacing it with understanding and love.  All this is true and good as a means of release, but can seem difficult to implement in the moment.

Try this: Spend 5 minutes twice a day for 7 days bringing the memory of the situation you wish to be different into your mind, and once visualized in depth, transform the scenario into one more to your liking. What we experience today is a holographic piece of all we have experienced throughout our existence.  And what we feel, how we react to the world is in direct response to how we hold those experiences in our being.

If you spend 5 minutes twice a day actively transforming the outcome of an event in your mental archives, it will transform how you hold that event.  It matters not if the original outcome has long lasting effects in the physical. By transforming how you hold it, you fundamentally change who you are and therefore your experience of now shifts.  The more to your liking these pictures transform, the more open, loving and compassionate you will be.  Regret will leave your side as a companion to be replaced with joy.

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