Healing is a Choice

Healing energy focuses, mends, teaches, and dissipates fear by illuminating the truth. It creates cohesion, where fracturing existed before. Healing is about creating wholeness. All healing is self-healing. We heal from any challenge in response to our desire and intention to do so. From that desire we make a choice.

When our physical form experiences dis-ease it is following some call within us. It is a reflection of our internal truth. Recognize that our physical body is not the first part of us to go out-of-whack. Generally speaking, our energetic body, in response to our emotional and mental states, is off balance first, before our physical body.

This is not to say that those who are ill are to ‘blame’ for their illnesses. Illnesses happen for many reasons and when you or someone you love becomes ill there is no need to blame.  Blame is a fear-based activity that can only extend the problem and delay healing and/or acceptance. Instead, focus energy on what can be done to bring you or your loved one back into balance. This includes focusing on love and support.

Most people do not want to be ill. Yet, many illnesses facilitate exactly what a person needs/wants for his or her own purpose that may not be conscious. The purpose is spawned at a soul level. Many people I have known who have been afflicted with overwhelming physical challenges, say after they have ‘healed’ from the shock or the genesis of the malady, that they would never wish to go back to who they were before the ailment. In this way, illness can be a formative teacher and change agent.

Unfortunately, some illnesses are life-threatening, not merely life-altering. When an illness is present that heralds death, healing takes on a new form. Healing becomes about accepting the process. This may include healing old wounds and bringing bonds of love to the forefront. In this way, acceptance brings healing, not of the malady, but of the inner self through the process of acceptance. This type of healing creates wholeness, again by removing the fear and dis-ease that may be fracturing you.

This type of healing garnered through the process of acceptance is also required by any malady that becomes chronic or is otherwise unable to be changed, such as accepting the loss of some part of your body, or a change in the function of some part of your body.

We have dominion of our bodies, both our energetic and physical forms. Sometimes we choose to give our dominion away, but we can take it back. We are the only ones that can allow or disallow healing to occur within us. If we allow another to aid us, such as a healer or a healing aid (e.g., therapy, acupuncture, surgery, medicine, etc…) we may find that our own healing commences faster or with greater ease. But always remember, we are the ones accepting the help and realizing the healing from that help.

So, when something is out of focus, shattered, misunderstood, or feared within any part of our natural being; it can be healed.  And that healing begins with a choice.

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