“To give is God’s path!” How true that is. Giving is another of our true master tools.

Giving with a sense of gratitude and coming from a place of contribution is like the grease to the wheels. The more of this you do, the more that the divine wants to come into your life and give to you.    [continued below picture]

Too many people keep a running tally in their minds of who they have given to. From this they expect the other person to reciprocate on the same level. If that other person does not reciprocate in kind, a sense of resentment begins to build. Believe me; nothing stops the universe from giving back to you than holding resentment around the giving process.

Giving is as natural as breathing. Giving is best when it comes from a place of contribution – from a clear place of wanting to make something better for someone else. The Universe wants to provide you with the means to fulfill your life in the ways you want to be fulfilled. Giving to others with respect, and with no thought other than to help them, opens the gates for the universe to do its job.

This week, find five people you are going to give to with no thought other than to make their life better. Usually, in order to do this, you have to engage in conversation with that person. You must ask them about their life and search in your life for what you may be able to provide. You must be conscious for this to work. What you will find in your life may astound you. Giving in this way opens the path for miracles and synchronicities to occur.

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