Give Clear Guidance for Others

One of the most satisfying uses of listening to your intuitive voice is being able to give clearer, more helpful advice to other people. It is one way that we can nourish our community and extend the benefits of our wisdom and experience into the world around us.

Learning how to bring your intuitive wisdom to bear for other people is not as difficult as it might appear. Whenever someone asks you for advice, begin by setting the intention to help by stating it clearly to yourself. You can use any affirmation that feels good to you. Here are a few I know that work well:

  • I am a clear and perfect channel
  • I bring wisdom into every situation
  • I ask for the highest good of all concerned
  • I intend to use intuition to help others now

Next, quiet your mind and put a moment’s attention on your heart. Take a deep breath and let your chest relax. This makes room for your heart chakra to expand.

Then pay full attention to what the other person is saying and asking. Listening is very important. You must listen to the person you want to help and you must listen to your intuitive voice. Take care not to assume you know what the answer will be. Often, especially if the person asking for help has asked for our help on the same issue in the past, it is easy to just recite the same answer or solution you offered the last time. However, consider that perhaps there are more or even different things to say to this person that will help her actually come to a satisfactory conclusion with her stressors.

This week, seek to find at least one person each day you can give clear guidance to.

Remember that when we assume we know the answer we are often speaking from either our emotional or mental minds, rather than from our intuition. And our emotional mind can be overtaken by judgment so easily that what we say may completely lack wisdom. So, set all considerations except being of service aside and listen for the softer, gentler voice to guide you.

In this way, you may find that genuine answers come more easily, or you may feel more compassion for the other person’s situation. Or you may feel nothing new at all, but over time your sense of knowing that you can positively help people when they ask for it will grow.

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