Gifts for You


Welcome!  It’s delightful to have you here.

Feel free to use, open, or download any of the following gifts.

They are for you to use and share.

Check back often as these selections change. Enjoy!


5-minutes to an Awakened Life Affirmation Audio

Just listening to this audio once or twice a day, will help you achieve the mindset that welcomes a positive change and creates a solid foundation for raising your consciousness and fully awakening to your passion and desires. Simply take a short break from your concerns, close your eyes, and listen.

Five minutes to an awakened life MP3 – 5 minutes

Clearing Energy

The following 5 minute audio file is a short clearing meditation that can help you become free of unwanted, old, or painful connections to people, places and situations in your life. Clearing these old connections opens you to use new and creative life energies:

Mowing the Lawn Clearing MP3 – 5 minutes


Open Your Pineal

This is a magnificent video (created by Source Vibrations) that will open your pineal gland and give you greater access to your intuitive abilities: