To forgive is divine. This is so true! I can’t say it any better.

What I can say is what happens to you if you do NOT forgive.

Refusing to forgive fills you with resentment and resentment is a form of anger. Living with a load of anger in your life is the best way to cut yourself off from happiness. Why is that? Because anger is an active form of fear. It is an absolute truth that when you fill yourself with fear, you cannot make use of divine love, or any of the laws that come with the divine presence in your life.    [continued below picture]

Many people also have a sense of righteousness around their resentment. This idea of righteousness makes the resentment doubly difficult to live with, because you must always boost your self-esteem by putting someone else “in their place” instead of finding your true worth as a living sliver of the divine on Earth.

It doesn’t matter what has taken place in the past: all that matters is where you are now. So ask yourself, would you rather be filled with life-limited anger, or would you rather be expressing your true nature as a divine spirit?

If you chose the latter, I suggest you make a point of forgiving everyone around you, everyone from your past, and everyone in your life now, including yourself.

This week spend at least 5 minutes each day forgiving just one person in your life. Starting with one person makes this entire task seem less daunting. Take these steps to help the process:

  1. Think of that person. Bring up a mental image of that person.
  2. Put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself, what must that person have been feeling to act as they did? Really do this, it is key.
  3. Now try to feel those feelings in yourself. Really feel how you want to act and how you want to treat people around you if you feel like that. In many circumstances, feel what it must have been like to interact with you at that time, in the state YOU were in.
  4. Now realize that to live with those feelings must be difficult.
  5. Now forgive, let go, say out loud if you must that you understand that neither you nor this other person are perfect and that human emotions are hard to deal with at times.
  6. Now forgive: Forgive that person and forgive yourself.

If you truly find forgiveness from this be grateful and move on to another person the next day. But, if you come out of this exercise not quite there yet, work on this same person the next day. Do this exercise with each person you hold resentment toward until you are clear. You will find a wellspring of happiness and a lightness of being permeate your life as you continue down this incredibly healing road of forgiveness.

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