Faith is defined as accepting something as truth in the face of a lack of physical evidence. How many people have felt this powerful presence of faith to create miraculous events in their lives?  [continued below picture]

Unfortunately, many people feel that faith is only placed well when it is placed on a set of laws (dogma.) I offer a different approach. Instead of putting your faith in words, or ideas, put faith into just two things.

1) The presence of the divine in the world.

2) Your ability to hear, feel, and radiate this presence.

Faith in these two things will open a flood gate in your life for the laws of attraction and reciprocity to work for you consciously.

This week, think of someone in your life with whom you would like to create a deeper connection. Hold your faith in the things stated above when you are talking to that person. You will find your words changing to incorporate more love. You will find the other person responding to you with more compassion.

In other words, holding these two faiths will lead you to more love, greater peace and, dare I say it… a deeper connection with all that is.

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