Communication is the basis of human relationships. And the better your communication is, the better the state of relationships in your life.

The key to good communication is authenticity. Most people, while they may not be able to completely know when a person is not telling the truth, they can usually tell “the ring of truth” when something is truly authentic.   [continued below picture]

This week, work on bringing a greater sense of authenticity into your communications. To do this, you must be in touch with that which is authentic within you. Spend 5 minutes each day looking inside yourself for the truth of your feelings and thoughts around some situation or person in your life you wish to make better.

Ask yourself, ‘How do I really feel?’ ‘What outcome do I truly want to create?’ ‘Where can I make an improvement in my thinking around this?’

When you find answers to some of these questions, begin to bring that newly found truth to the situation or person. Every time you open your mouth or touch fingers to keyboard, make a point of remembering your authentic feelings and let them mold your words. Let truth permeate your communications and see how the situation improves.

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