You may be one of many people that are amazed by other people who can “channel.” What you may be missing is that you are also a “channeler.”

Everyone channels every day, what makes someone who is considered a channeler different, is that instead of channeling from their emotions, or mind-chatter, they are channeling from their connection to the divine.   [continued below picture]

To be able to do that, you must have a firm connection to the divine. Your connection to the divine is enhanced each time you apply many of the topics we discuss in this column. Such things as: meditation, forgiveness, gratitude, breathing, and listening.

This week spend at least 5 minutes a day strengthening your connection to the divine energy by either meditation or breathing. I suggest one of these two at this time since they are physical at their root.

While you are consciously meditating or consciously breathing, think about your concept of God (the divine, the universe, your creator, all-that-is, whatever name you give this source of all life.) Envision that energy as you, as a part of what you give to the planet. See your connection with that energy strengthening and growing. Soon the divine will be so strong in your life that “channeling” from that perspective will be what you do in every moment.

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