Breathing is so essential to life that we cannot live without it for more than a few minutes! But while we all breathe, it takes conscious effort to breathe well.   [continued below picture]

When we spend our life in fear and sorrow our breath becomes very shallow and we stop using our full lung capacity. Even when you come out of the fear or the sorrow often the breathing does not rebound.

All of our major organs including our brain depend on our ability to take in oxygen. Every part of us works better when our breathing improves.

This week be conscious of your breathing. Take five minutes a day to breathe as deeply as you can. One way to increase your breath is to use your arms to help. On your in-breathe raise your arms up over your head and hold them up with your breathe for a count of 5, then slowly lower your arms while you exhale. If you do this regularly you will find your entire body improves in function, including your brain!

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