Born With It

You are intuitive. You were born with this ability, this sense of intuition.  It is your birthright, just like your ability to see, hear, and feel. Just like any of the other senses, there may be a child here or there that is born with this sense in deficit, just as from time to time a baby is born blind, or deaf.

But for the vast majority of people, intuition is a natural part of the human existence. [continued below picture]

Many people have grown up in an environment that has downplayed or outright condemned the use of this sense.  There are many reasons for that, including:  religious dogma, prejudice, bad experience, ignorance, fear, and sometimes just because it seems illogical.  Seeing comes through the eyes, hearing comes through ears, smell resides in the nose, but where does intuition come from?  Its genesis is not as easy to point to, or as rapidly understood.

You have been functioning in the world with an active intuition all your life and chances are you have misunderstood this fact.  You may have experienced intuitive hits, perhaps visions, dreams, messages, knowings, etc.  You may walk down this road instead of a familiar one and run into an old friend.  You may know who is calling on the phone before you pick it up.  You may instinctively know when to ask for a pay raise, or when a friend is in need of assistance.  In all these instances, you may wonder, at these rare and seemingly un-reproducible events not realizing that they are probably not so rare and are highly reproducible.

Let me say that again.  Experiencing your intuition and extrasensory events is not rare and is highly reproducible.  It is merely a matter of re-orienting your perception and developing your skill.

Everyone can agree that most people can learn to drive a car.  To learn to drive, you take a class and eventually get behind a wheel and sometime after you have practiced with supervision you take a test and get a license.  But consider this:  Before you learned to drive, you already knew how to watch for traffic, how to navigate left or right, how to turn a wheel, how to press outward with your foot, how to turn a key in a lock, etc…  What the class taught you were the rules of engagement and gave you the supervised experience to put all these small behaviors together into a process you call driving a car.  Developing your intuitive abilities is no different.

So this week, at least once a day, do something just because you sense it’s the right thing to do.  Pick up the phone, send out an email. Turn right instead of left.  What ever it is, just do it and note if you begin to have experiences that are rife with synchronicity.

Make no mistake, you are already psychic, you are already brilliant, so wrap your mind around it and have some fun!

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