Journey of a Prophet:
Jesus Tells His Story

Second Edition Available Now


More than 2000 years ago, conceived by otherworldly means, a sensitive child was born into this world. His youth was rife with adventure and discovery. He was a true seeker, uncovering life’s lessons with passion and desire. He dove deep into the highs and lows of life, ultimately taking on an inspired mission few, if any other, would dare hope to achieve. And he lives still, to this day. His name is Jesus son of Joseph from Galilee, and in Journey of a Prophet – Jesus Tells His Story to us with candor, reverence, and love..  Go here to learn more about this exceptional, life-changing book


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Upcoming Books

Mary and Joseph: An Uncommon Couple

Winter, 2022-23

Mary and Joseph were the extraordinary parents of Jesus, a man that changed the world as we know it. They were an unlikely couple. One a child, the other an aged monk, their circumstance changed gradually to give them both a magnificent relationship and a sacred mission.

Wisdom of Jesus: 111 new quotes from Yeshua

Winter, 2022-23

Wisdom of Yeshua (Jesus) boldly quoted from Journey of a Prophet. Quotes to uplift, illuminate, and move you toward a new consciousness.

Journey of  a Priestess: The Life and Work of Priestess Miriam from Magdala

Release date undetermined

Who exactly was Priestess Miriam from Magdala and what did she do after her husband, Yeshua son of Joseph from Galilee, left his physical form? Follow her on her escape into Europe and discover how she became a formative figure in world history. Also, learn from Miriam how to empower the feminine in you with ancient wisdom from this High Pagan Priestess.

Recipe for a Queen

Release date undetermined

Learn how to live your life with all the respect, power, and inner acceptance of a queen!


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Twenty-two empowering personal traits that make you an unbreakable person. Learn what these traits are and how to enhance them in your life.

12 Master Tools: Given to You at Birth but Mostly Misunderstood

Release date undetermined

You were born with a set of master tools. You began to learn about these tools before you squeezed from your mothers womb, yet they are mostly invisible to you now. Learn what these tools are, how to master them, and gain new understanding of what it means to be born human.