Be Present

Stay focused in the present when asking your intuition for aid. The intuitive voice can only experience your life in the present. Once you have advanced your intuitive voice, it can bring you information about other times, but you only have access to that voice from the present.

For example, just like your sense of taste, you would not ask your taste buds to tell you what the ice cream cone will taste like when you finally do try it for the first time. Rather, you put your tongue to the job and experience what the ice cream tastes like in real time. [continued below picture]

So too, your intuition wants to inform you about what is here and now: the decision you need to make now, a person asking for help now, a new situation you are in right now. In the course of understanding the present, your intuitive voice may bring you pictures about past lives, or bring information from the Akashic Records. It may also show you possibilities or images of what might happen in the future. But all of these are designed by your intuition to give you something that will help you here and now.

For instance, if your intuition gives you a glimpse of a past life, it invariably highlights the history that links directly to something you are going through in this life right now. If you receive a premonition, it is usually because you have either the ability to change the event, or otherwise gravitate to it, or steer clear of it, depending upon the type of event.

A great way to make sure you are in the present is to affirm and set intentions. This week spend five minutes a day affirming to yourself the commitment to be here now. For example, you can state the following in your mind or say aloud:

  • I am a clear channel rooted in the present.
  • My perspective is in the here and now and I let go of other times and places.
  • I intend to access information for the present time.
  • I live in the present. I am a clear channel.

So remember that your intuitive voice is ready to be accessed and used. Exercise it as often as you can, from the perspective of right here, right now, and you will soon find your intuitive voice grow louder and louder.

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