Many people are plagued with barriers. Barriers to love, barriers to happiness, barriers to freedom of one kind or another. And they fight; banging against these barriers in an attempt to break them down forcefully.

But what if the barriers are merely a miss-perception? What if these so called barriers do not even exist?

If you are fighting against perceived barriers, consider that you might be fighting with nothing. That your energy might actually be wasted; perpetuating a state that keeps you standing in one place without forward movement.

Consider that the fight and the barrier are intertwined; one cannot exist without the other. Let go of one and the other might fall showing itself to be empty and without solidity.

Give some thought to discontinuing the fight. Rather than breaking through barriers with force, change your perception, and they might just simply vanish!

This week find one barrier you perceive in your life and turn your thinking around. Let it show itself for the emptiness it really is and see through it. On the other side of every perceived barrier is a world full of promise!

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