As Natural as Breathing

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a baby newly born? A newborn’s inner divinity shines forth as naturally as the sun rises in the east. Those eyes are filled with love; they are replete with wonder, and open to new experience. And the deep and obvious wisdom in that baby’s eyes will calm all who see it in return. That baby is obviously awake.

Like that newborn, you were also born awake.

But what often happens as we live and have more and more of those experiences that as newborn’s we crave? We tend to fall deeper into the illusion of ourselves as less than divine, as less than soul inspired wisdom. We tend to shrink from the truth of our own mastery and live as if we are small beings.

Well, hear this; you are as much and more than you were when you pushed from your mother’s womb. The full self that opened its eyes to the wonders of this world for the first time has learned more, done more, become more. You were big then, and you are bigger now. The delusion of consciousness that hides much of your light under a barrel of ‘less than’ is a lie you tell yourself to help mediate the fearful circumstances you perceive to exist all around you.

The thing is, throwing off that delusion of ‘less than’ and flowing back to the natural state of you, born into this world as a fully conscious and awake individual, is as natural a process as breathing. There is little you need do but re-engage with the natural world and remember the truth of who you are. You are a sliver of the divine energy of creation made manifest on this Earth. You are part of the divine weave of nature that lives around you.

Stand up now, let go of your fear, and be awake again!

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