Amethyst: How to Use

The Amethyst stone is most powerfully connected to your fourth, fifth, and sixth chakras. That means it is in charge of balancing and helping with heart and communication issues. Use the Amethyst to calm your emotions and help you communicate more powerfully.

You can use your Amethyst in these ways:

  • Lie down and place it over your heart. Visualize it penetrating deeply into your tissues, cleansing and healing your emotional body.
  • Women, place it inside your bra near your heart to help you stay balanced during your day. Men, do the same thing by placing it in a lapel pocket. Alternately, wear it in a small pouch hanging around your neck so it falls over the heart area.
  • Enhance your meditation by holding it in your left hand either by itself or with the other Energy Stones.
  • Lie down and place the stone on or near your throat. Visualize the energy of the stone penetrating your neck and throat and soothing any communication anxiety you may feel. See yourself easily speaking your truth and see other people listening to your words.
  • If you need to write, place the stone near your hands and let the energy of the stone open up your ability to communicate through the written word.
  • Place it on your bed stand at night to help amplify your dreams and promote sounder sleep.
  • Use the stone in any other way it invites you to use it.

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